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Starter Bad Born 2 - The dawn of the damn

37,19 €

If one box is not enough for you, here is the second wave of Bad Borns ready to tear down your enemies

A different way to play Euphoria. Do you like the hordes? ... here they are!, Play the new survivor type scenaries and feel the fear !!!!


Pagos 100% seguros




- Blanca Deluxe Bad Born

- Kabuki Bad Born

- Rexor, The Black Arrow Bad Born

- Mariskal Richelle Bad Born

- El Masmalo Bad Born

- Doc Chastas Bad Born

- Arendal Bad Born

- 2 Benkei Bad Born

- Character's cards

- 4 ten dice sides (1-0) and 1 ten dice sides (01-00)

- Fastplay rulebook